Fiduciary Partner Program

Rizor & Nolan Advisors has established a process that is designed to help plan sponsors and their fiduciaries properly manage and administer their plans in accordance with industry best practices.

  1. Health & Welfare Benefit Plan Committee
    1. We begin by establishing a Health & Welfare Benefit Plan Committee. We provide sample committee bylaws and make recommendations on who should serve on the committee.
    2. We work with you to develop a Benefit Plan Policy Statement.
    3. We establish an annual meeting schedule for the committee (usually quarterly) with agendas covering core requirements.

i.     Strategic benefit planning and benefit policy statement development

ii.     Plan compliance requirements

iii.     Participant education & communication

iv.     Plan administration

v.     Provider and product selection.

  1. Detailed minutes are maintained documenting the process, discussion and decision.
  2. Rizor & Nolan Advisors enters into a written agreement with the committee to provide agreed upon services and acknowledges co fiduciary status to the plan as advisor and non-voting committee member.