Clean Plan, Higher Business Value

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A good health plan can increase your business’s worth!

A well-run health benefit plan can actually add significant value to your business. We at Rizor & Nolan Advisors have helped many businesses to get their plans in order and have seen first-hand how this can affect a business’s value. Read the case study below and learn more about the difference a well-run health benefit plan can make.


Service Industry Client with 130 Employees

In 2003, this company attempted to sell a controlling interest to a private equity firm, but during the course of its normal due-diligence process, the buyer discovered certain compliance problems with the company’s health and welfare plan and its retirement plan. These problems actually caused the buyer to withdraw its purchase offer.

Soon thereafter the company retained Rizor & Nolan Advisors to serve as consultant for its health and welfare plan and its retirement plan.

We developed, implemented and administered a formal process to effectively manage the company’s benefit plans.

Two years later in 2005, the private equity firm agreed to purchase the company at a significantly higher price than its prior offer.

The due diligence process was completed without issue and the transaction was completed.

The company grew rapidly over the next six years and was sold to a public company in 2011 at a significant profit. No problems or issues were discovered during the due diligence process this time.

As you can see, Rizor & Nolan’s expertise played a critical role in increasing its client’s valuation.

Rizor & Nolan Advisors can help you to avoid the devastating costs of non-compliance.View our web presentation or schedule a face-to-face meeting.

We specialize in giving small to mid-market employers a level of quality and expertise – with administration and protections usually only available to Fortune 500 companies.

Rizor & Nolan Advisors is the only firm that establishes, implements and administers a comprehensive benefit plan process designed to:

  • improve plan quality,
  • lower plan costs,
  • protect you from governmental investigations and audits,
  • protect you from penalties and fines, and
  • protect you from civil actions.

Rizor & Nolan Advisors becomes a contractual operational fiduciary to your plan and is subject to the same liability as internal plan fiduciaries.

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